Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in the country. The rocky sides of the canyon tell the story of thousands of years of geological history—and the fishing’s not bad, either! Whether you’re passing through on a road trip or taking a weekend jaunt, here’s how to make the most out of a quick trip to Hells Canyon.

Take a Hike

Get up early in the morning, lace up those hiking boots, and hit the trail. The Hells Canyon area boasts hundreds of hiking trails, each with their own unique view of the canyon and surrounding wilderness. Whether it’s a leisurely walk with the family or a brisk 10-mile hike, soak up the majesty of Hells Canyon on foot.

Learn Its History

Hells Canyon is the result of tens of thousands of years’ worth of geological change. It got its name in the 19th century due to its often treacherous terrain and rushes of rapid water that created an obstacle for westward pioneers. Many people view the canyon and believe it is uninhabitable, but indigenous populations have called it home for thousands of years.

Hit the Water

The Snake River is one of the biggest rivers that flows through the canyon. Why not be daring and explore those waters up close? A Hells Canyon jet boat shuttle provides transportation and adventure all in one. The jet boat tours at River Adventures are wild and memorable yet safe for the family. Get splashed and make memories!

Go Fishing

Did you know that Hells Canyon is home to wonderfully diverse ecosystems, both on land and in the water? Spend your weekend with your pole and tackle box. The river has dozens of hidden coves and perfect fishing spots. If you’re lucky, you can haul in the biggest sturgeon you’ve ever seen! Take a picture so your friends back home will believe you. Then release your catch back to its aquatic home.

Next time you’re in Hells Canyon, give River Adventures a call. Let us guide you on a Hells Canyon jet boat shuttle during your stay! Learn how to make the most out of a quick trip to Hells Canyon with fishing trips, jet boat rides, and more.