As you seek out the best outdoor adventures in the state of Idaho, look to Hells Canyon for your adrenaline-pumping needs. It’s the deepest canyon gorge in the country and offers everything from jet boat tours to hidden hiking spots. Next time you’re in the area, dive into some of the must-do outdoor activities in Hells Canyon.

Hike to Heaven’s Gate Lookout

Want the perfect vantage point to see every mountain and valley around you? Heaven’s Gate Lookout is aptly named. It stands at over 8,000 feet above sea level, right at the entrance to the Seven Devils Mountains. As you soak up a 360-degree view of the mountains, the canyon, and the Snake River, say hello to four states: Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Washington!

Jet Boating in Hells Canyon

Give River Adventures a call if you feel like zooming around the Snake River for a spell. Our Hells Canyon jet boat rides, captained by canyon experts, will give you an exhilarating trip around the river. With an adventure like this, you’ll see exactly why it’s called Hells Canyon. Buckle up your life jacket and get ready for a wild ride!

Horseback Riding in the Seven Devils

The Seven Devils Mountains offer terrific terrain for hiking, but why not enjoy the view from atop an experienced horse? Amble along the Idaho-Oregon border and explore a land steeped in Nez Perce history and folklore. Let your horse do the work as you enjoy the backcountry.

Whitewater Activities on the Salmon River

If you’re looking for a heart-pumping experience on untamed waters, look no further than the Salmon River. One of the first to be protected by Congress as a Wild and Scenic River, the Salmon River drops more than 7,000 feet from its headwaters. There are activities for all sensibilities on the river, from calm drifting to whitewater rafting.

Sunset Dinner Cruise on Payette Lake

To finish off your activity-packed day, drift around Payette Lake on a tranquil dinner cruise. When you’ve spent all day hiking and munching on trail mix, you’ll be glad to enjoy the sunset with a delicious meal and a drink in your hand. Learn about the history and topography of the area as you round off a splendid day.

Hells Canyon is home to some of the country’s most splendid views and invigorating outdoor excursions. From Hells Canyon jet boat rides to hiking around the Seven Devils, River Adventures can guide you toward all the must-do outdoor activities in Hells Canyon.