While this country has countless opportunities for adventures in nature, Hells Canyon offers something unique. It’s home to a splendid mix of geological and human history, and its soaring mountains and deep valleys offer adventure at every turn. Learn why it’s important to plan a family trip to Hells Canyon, and call River Adventures when you’re ready to take the plunge.

Hikes for All Ages

Hells Canyon and the surrounding areas are home to dozens, if not hundreds, of hiking trails. There are paths and views for every age and skill level. If your family has children of many ages, there are plenty of easy trails with mountain and wilderness views. If you’re an outdoorsy bunch, challenge yourself to steeper hikes and get ready to wade through a creek or two.

Educational Value

Deeper even than Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in the country. It was formed over millennia of lava flow and tectonic shift, and you can experience the sheer hugeness of it as you and your family see that geological history. You’ll also learn about the indigenous groups that settled the area thousands of years ago and how they cared for the land.

Family-Friendly Adventures

If you and your loved ones would rather sit back and enjoy the view than hike through mountains, our Snake River boat tours are right up your alley. We also offer guided fishing tours! Our seasoned guides can provide a top-tier Hells Canyon experience and show you the best of what the canyon has to offer.

For your family’s next vacation, whether it’s a short getaway or a weeklong jaunt, head to Hells Canyon for a unique experience in the wilderness. Jet boat tours, mountain views, and some of the best fishing in the country await you! Let River Adventures show you just why it’s important to plan a family trip to Hells Canyon.