The fishing slowed down this week for us a bit, the water became a little off-color making catching fish a challenge, pretty much have to hit them in the nose with it! Also, the river is still pretty cold too, so they aren’t very active. We have been gradually making our way further up river out of ice at both Vinegar and Spring Bar.


Downriver, Janet Martinez’s boats, Racks & Rods, got into some fish though with Rusty and Colt! Dola Maclead, Angela Bennett and Thelma Black all 3 landed hatchery fish. Melissa Lanning and Lori Reche reeling in wild ones!

Angela’s catch!

Dola with her fish!

Lori’s catch!

Melissa’s wild!

Fishing away!

Thelma’s fish!

Thank you ladies!


We had a few boats out and a few steelhead caught!

Shaylee Hugues fishing apart of Jennifer Ingraham’s group with Sam and Justin reeled in a little 23.5″ hatchery! Rochelle Fuquay fishing with Rose Brook’s group on Rusty & Colt’s boat from landed a wild one.

Over on Brenda Huston’s boat she caught a 25″ hatchery fish!

Brenda’s fish!

Thanks for a fun day ladies!


Taryn Smith, fishing with Yecora Daniel’s boat out with Brian and Paul reeled in 20.25″ hatchery fish!

Taryn’s fish with her bait boy Paul!

Yecora’s Crew! Thank you ladies!


Not a ton of fish today but a ton of fun with all of our groups of ladies!

We had a 4 boat crew of a bunch of girlfriends and they overtook Riggins with their laughs ad good times! One of the girls was even in the band that rocked out our live music at Seven Devils all weekend! We had 2 of them at Hammer Creek and 2 at Spring bar, no steelhead caught  but a few trash fish and memories!

Hannah Rice & Shelby Tonkin’s boats! Nauti Hookers and Ladies with a Lure!

Tonkin’s boat with their captain and bait boy! Brian and Paul!

Smiles with their Captain Brian!

Fishing Time!

Too much fun!

uh oh!

Banked up fishing fun!

Tanya Vandermeer & Kinsey Sokol’s boats! Rod Squad and Dirty Little Oars!

Vandermeer group

Rice boat with Captain Jonny and Beaud!

Smiles on the front!

Selfie time!


On upriver was an adventure of a day!

On Brook’s boat fishing with Sam and Justin, Bobbi Hall landed a whopper of a wild fish and they had themselves a very buzzing dayt

Bobbi’s fish!

Brook brought the party!

Brook’s group!

Annette Gilmore’s group was the fishiest of the day, but also had the biggest adventures! They were fishing on Rich and Tommy’s boat. Annette herself reeling in a 24″ hatchery. Tavia Thompson landed 2 hatchery fish, putting her into 4th Place Most Fish! Jo Farrish reeled in a nice wild one! They then got stuck behind some ice that came out! So, they had to grab what they wanted to pack out with them and they had a straight up climb from the boat to the river trail. After not quite a mile hike on the river trail, Sam’s boat was on the other side of the ice to pick them all up to take them back to the ramp. Thanks for really gritting it out ladies! What a day and memories to have!

Annette with her fish!

Jo’s Wild!

Tavia’s first hatchery!

Tavia’s second!


Ice that blocked the boat in!

Hiking along the river and ice!


Luckily the ice was gone in the morning, and Sam was able to take Rich right up to this boat and get to fishing! Sharon Adams fishing with Sam and Justin landed a 21.5″ hatchery fish. Down at Spring Bar, Liz Laidig with Camri Hughes boat reeled in a pretty wild one!

Sharon fish!

Liz’s great catch!

Hughes crew! Thank you ladies!


Lori Stewart on Liz Thiel’s boat landed a wild fish with Rich and Paul. And over on Shelly Jenkin’s boat Hailey Knight reeled in a hatchery fish with Sam and Justin!

Lori with bait boy Paul!

Thiel group! Thank you ladies!

Jordan’s stick fish!

Another of Lori’s fish!


Hailey’s fish!


Well, we were supposed to have two boats out today but Mother Nature had other plans! We got to Vinegar and the boats were completely iced up and iced in. The guys had to work VERY hard to get them out. We hoped to maybe be able to bring them down to Spring Bar at least to fish but everything was slushed up. The boats were frozen up and we had to take them home to thaw out! Thank you for being so understanding ladies! We were able to get both groups rescheduled or taken care of to get on the water again:)  They also were able to see some bighorn sheep on the way back to town! Check out some pictures!

Hello fella!

Working on getting the second boat out!

Ice and slush, not good for the boats!

All iced up!


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Fish Dance at Seven Devils, March 12th at 7ish!

28th Annual WWB Prize Packages


Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Katie Scott – 32.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Heather Borzick – 30.50″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Maleta Henry – 29.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Jonna Duvall – Williams – 29″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Erin Adolphsen ~ 3 Fish – 73.75 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Jessii Moser  ~ 3 Fish – 0 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Maleta Henry ~ 2 Fish – 52.25 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Tavia Thompson ~ 2 Fish – 45.25 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.