Idaho is a land of sprawling nature that has so much to offer people who love the great outdoors. From Hat Point, where hiking trails will lead you to great views, to He Devil in the Seven Devils Mountains where you can lookout at the spectacular peaks all around Hells Canyon, there’s a spot for you to take in the majesty of Idaho. Put these gorgeous views on your list! These four landmarks that bring out the beauty of Hells Canyon are not to be missed.

Hat Point

Take a day to hike out to the very edge of Hells Canyon and enjoy a picnic at Hat Point Lookout. It’s a steep hike that will take you most of the day, but it’s worth it to be on top of the world. Pack a pair of binoculars to get a better look at the enormity of the canyon; millennia of geological change carved the ups and downs you see today.

Dry Diggins Lookout

Want to get even higher than Hat Point? Dry Diggins Lookout has it beat by about a thousand feet. Challenge yourself to this strenuous hike and gaze 6,000 feet down into the Snake River. After you’ve returned, take a Hells Canyon boat tour down the Snake River and look back up the high walls of the canyon.

Suicide Point

Don’t let the name intimidate you. Suicide Point gives you a majestic view of the snakelike bends and turns of the Snake River. It’s a moderately difficult hike through granite walls and sandy trails. According to legend, Suicide Point got its name because a pair of lovers from different tribes couldn’t get married—and braided their hair together before leaping to their deaths. Pack plenty of food and water, because this one’s a long hike.

He Devil

The Seven Devils Mountains sit right near Hells Canyon and many of the hiking trails surrounding it. He Devil and She Devil are the tallest of the seven, though not quite visible from most of our trails. Ask our Hells Canyon tour guides about the mountains; the range is rich with geological history.

There are dozens of spectacular views awaiting you when you visit Hells Canyon. Make sure these four are at the top of your list, and we’ll guide you towards the best trails. That long hike will be worth it when you stand at the top and survey the mountains around you and the steep canyon beneath you. Check out these landmarks that bring out the beauty of Hells Canyon during your next visit!