Dinner and a movie are all well and good, but sometimes you want to add a little adventure to your dates. Next time you’ve got a big day planned, take your date on an exciting jet boat tour down the waters of the Snake River. A Snake River boat tour is an adventurous date idea, so why not call River Adventures and book yours today?

A Relaxing Day

When you book your boat tour with us, you’re all set to put your feet up and enjoy the views together. Our tour guides and experienced captains will do the work of showing you the beauty of the canyon and the rush of the river. You and your date can board our majestic tour boat, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A Little Adventure

The Snake River gets its name from its winding curve throughout the canyon. Your Snake River boat tour will show you unique nature views and our tour guides will offer exclusive insider knowledge of the area. Plus, our state-of-the-art jet boat glides quickly and expertly across the water—a little different from a dinner cruise, wouldn’t you say?

A Welcome Surprise

What do you normally do on dates? Dinner and a movie can grow stale. Spend a day together on the water and see a new side of the Snake River and the rugged terrain around it. Fresh air does wonders for your mood, especially if you’ve been cooped up inside all winter. Take a peek at natural wonders you’ve never seen before and make lasting memories together.

Next time you and your date have a day to yourselves, treat one another to a boat tour along the majestic Snake River. It’s a unique and exhilarating pick, and one that will bring you out into the fresh air after a long winter. Plan your adventurous date idea—a Snake River boat tour—today with the help of River Adventures.