A jet boat tour is a wholly different experience than, say, a dinner cruise. We put the “adventure” in River Adventures with exciting boat tours up and down the magnificent Snake River, so dress accordingly! Here’s a handy list of what to wear while on a Hells Canyon jet boat tour.

Waterproof Sandals

Let’s start from the ground up, so to speak. Jet boats glide quickly across the top of the water, and there’s a definite splash factor involved. Avoid leather footwear and socks that can get wet when water splashes into the boat! Go for sandals with PVC or rubber soles, and choose a pair that’s easy to slip on and off.

Comfy Shorts

Beachwear is a common style on our Hells Canyon, Idaho jet boat tours, as it’s already made of water-friendly material. Try swim trunks, Bermuda shorts, or loose-fitting capri pants. Jeans and other long pants are more likely to absorb water and cling to you.

Light Jacket

Weather by the water can be unpredictable; dress in light layers. T-shirts are great for enjoying balmy weather and a light breeze, but our jet boats are fast. When you feel the wind start to pick up, you’ll be glad you brought a lightweight, waterproof jacket along.

Brimmed Hat

Like any other outdoor adventure, your jet boat tour will expose you to plenty of sunlight. Avoid nasty sunburns on your scalp, neck, and ears by donning a hat with a sufficient brim. Protect yourself further with waterproof sunscreen and your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Clean Towel

While it may not be a part of your ensemble, a clean, dry towel will help you stay comfortable if you get splashed. Stash it in your bag to prevent it from getting wet, and dry yourself off as necessary. Some people like to get soaked on our adventurous jet boat tours, but if you prefer not to stay dripping wet, a towel will be your best friend.

Prepare for your Hells Canyon boat tour by dressing for the event. Dress comfortably, but be ready to get wet! Pack these items to wear on a Hells Canyon jet boat tour, and you’ll enjoy your adventure with versatility and comfort.