The keys to success in any fishing tournament are preparation, skill, and the right opportunity. Take the opportunity right now to sign up for a tournament, and hone your skills in the meantime with these ways to prepare for a Hells Canyon fishing tournament.

Research the Area

How much do you know about Hells Canyon? The Snake River runs through the center of this deep canyon gorge; learn more about the fish that live there, like bass, sturgeon, and rainbow trout. This extra knowledge will help you prepare to catch them all.

Gather Bait and Tackle

When you know the types of fish that live in the Snake River, you can easily gather the best bait and tackle to catch them. For example, all types of bass react well to colorful jigs and spinners, while salmon and sturgeon love roe (fish eggs). A steady supply of minnows will attract a wide variety of fish.

Book Your Trip

Make arrangements for your Hells Canyon fishing trip as early as possible—you’ll secure your place in the tournament and have plenty of time to practice and prepare. River Adventures is here to make that preparation process as easy as possible.

Inspect Your Gear

Now that you’ve got travel arrangements set and a well-stocked tackle box, it’s time to look at the rest of your fishing gear. Inspect each rod for wear and damage, and spool each reel with fresh fishing line. Make sure your bait knife is sufficiently sharp, and check your first aid kit to ensure it’s fully stocked.

Get on the Water

Your Hells Canyon fishing tournament shouldn’t be your first fishing trip of the season. Get in the zone and on the water at least a few times before the tournament. Practice your technique—especially if you’re a little rusty—and spend time mentally preparing yourself for a more competitive environment.

This season, challenge yourself to a Hells Canyon fishing tournament! Prepare yourself for the competition while enjoying valuable time on the water. River Adventures will help you elevate your enjoyment of the sport.