A boat tour through Hells Canyon can be the highlight of your trip, providing majestic views and lifelong memories for you and your family. However, certain mistakes can make your trip memorable in a less pleasant way. Boat tour passengers often make these common blunders; read up beforehand so you don’t make the same ones.

Neglecting Waterproof Clothing

Many boat tours, like river cruises, are meant to be slow and relaxing. You may be tempted to dress up in your favorite clothes, anticipating a gentle ride down the Snake River.

Before you slip into your fanciest outfit, though, remember that you’ll be boarding a jet boat. It’s much faster than a cruise ship, and it zips across the top of the water. While you can wear whatever you like on our jet boat tours, don’t forget a waterproof layer! There is a definite splash factor on our tours, so consider adding swimwear or a rain jacket to your ensemble. If you plan to wear a hat, make sure it’s secured to your head because these boats go fast.

Keeping Your Phone Out

If you’ve never been on a Hells Canyon boat tour before, you may want to pull your phone out and take plenty of photos and videos. You want to commemorate your trip, right? However, there are a couple of compelling reasons to put your phone away.

First, you’ll want to experience your boat tour firsthand, not through the lens of your phone’s camera. You’ll be able to appreciate the natural beauty around you more easily if you put your phone somewhere safe. Plus, your tour guide will have lots of insider knowledge of Hells Canyon that you won’t want to miss because you were playing with camera settings.

Second, remember that a jet boat tour is more adventurous and fast-paced than a languorous dinner cruise. You don’t want your phone to get splashed with Snake River water, and you certainly don’t want it to fly out of your hands as the boat moves. Keep your phone somewhere safe and dry for the majority of the tour. If you want to take photos, bring a camera with a neck strap and waterproof carrying bag.

Disregarding the Sun

As you acclimate to summer weather, remember to take the necessary safety precautions. A single coat of sunscreen in the morning isn’t enough to last you all day.

Before you board our jet boat for your tour, make sure you and your family slather on a fresh layer of sunscreen. Don’t forget your neck and behind your ears, as well as exposed bits of scalp. Everyone in your party should have sunglasses with UV protection and lip balm with an SPF of at least 15.

Many tourists forget this step, especially on cloudy days. Don’t succumb to sunburn on your Hells Canyon trip!

This summer, top off your Hells Canyon visit with a tour on one of our USCG-certified jet boats. To enhance your enjoyment, remember these common mistakes boat tour passengers make so you can avoid them!