While Hells Canyon is a majestic outdoor destination any time of year, summer is the perfect time to enjoy as much of the canyon as possible. Why should you visit Hells Canyon in the summer? Here are a few compelling reasons.

Abundant Plant Life

Hells Canyon is home to many species of plants and wildflowers. Visit in the summer, and you’ll get a chance to see flowers like aster, larkspur, and fiddleneck in full bloom!


Before you go out hiking the many trails of Hells Canyon, learn some basic plant identification to steer clear of poison ivy.

Plenty of Activities

The summers in Hells Canyon are balmy and perfect for enjoying as much of the outdoors as possible. River Adventures offers exciting Hells Canyon, Idaho jet boat tours all summer long! There are also lots of opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking, and camping.

Starry Nights

Hells Canyon is a protected wilderness area, miles and miles from the nearest ambient light. The canyon is more than 8,000 feet deep in some places, secluded and perfect for stargazing. Summer weather is ideal for camping under the stars.

No Mosquitoes!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a biting bug in Hells Canyon. The Snake River’s water levels change so much throughout the year that mosquitoes can’t breed in the water. You can sleep under the stars (see above!) without worrying about waking up covered in itchy bites.

World-Class Fishing

While there are fish in the Snake River all year long, summer is the best season to catch as many different species as possible. From smallmouth bass to mighty sturgeon, a wide variety of fish call the Snake River home. When the weather is warmer in the summer, fish tend to swim more quickly and closely to the water’s surface.

For an exciting getaway from the tribulations of daily life, visit the spacious wilderness of Hells Canyon. Visiting Hells Canyon during the summer opens you up to dozens of outdoor adventure opportunities, from jet boat rides to fishing excursions. Contact River Adventures today to learn more about what this amazing canyon has to offer!