A boat tour down the winding Snake River can be the highlight of your Hells Canyon vacation. It can also be a low point if you’re prone to motion sickness. However, there are plenty of ways to prevent motion sickness while you’re on a boat!

We at River Adventures want you to have the time of your life on one of our jet boat tours. Follow these tips to keep from getting nauseous on your tour.

Nibble On Bland Foods

Before you board the jet boat for your tour, have a snack or light lunch consisting of foods without much flavor. Saltines, pretzels, and white bread are common fare for folks looking to avoid nausea. Don’t board the boat on an empty stomach, but be careful not to fill up too much.

On the day of your boat tour, avoid foods that are excessively spicy or greasy. If you want to enjoy a beer or two, you may want to save them for later. Better yet, it’s best to steer clear of booze altogether on your big tour day; alcohol can dehydrate you and make you more susceptible to motion sickness.

Pro Tip:

If you’re concerned about nausea or vomiting while on your tour, sip on ginger ale or nibble on small slivers of ginger root. Ginger is known for its anti-emetic properties and will calm your stomach.

Breathe Lots of Fresh Air

Fresh outdoor air is a great remedy for motion sickness, and it’s widely available all over Hells Canyon! If you start to feel your stomach twisting and turning while on your tour, take several deep breaths. Move closer to the edge of the boat if you can, fix your eyes on a point on the horizon, and breathe in plenty of that fresh Hells Canyon air.

Sit in the Middle of the Boat

If you’re concerned about the rocking motion of a boat triggering your nausea, find a seat closer to the middle of the jet boat for your tour. The front and back of the boat see the most up-and-down motion from the boat’s movement through the water, which can cause motion sickness in some passengers. Enjoy your Hells Canyon, Idaho jet boat tour from a more central seat to minimize motion that can make you nauseous.

Get the most out of your jet boat tour through Hells Canyon by planning ahead. If you know you’re susceptible to motion sickness while on a boat, take thorough precautions to prevent it with these tips from River Adventures.