The Hells Canyon area is home to a wide variety of landmarks and natural formations. You can spot some of them from our invigorating jet boat tours! As you zoom down the Snake River, look for these landmarks on your Hells Canyon jet boat tour.

Hat Point

Many say this scenic overlook is the first place where the sun rises in Oregon. It stands high over the Oregon side of Hells Canyon, towering nearly 7,000 feet above sea level and about 5,600 feet above the Snake River. Crane your neck to get a glimpse of this high lookout from your Snake River boat tour, and take plenty of photos!

Suicide Point

As the name of this lookout suggests, it carries a tragic story. According to indigenous legends, two lovers from different tribes were forbidden to marry. They were so distraught that they braided their hair together and jumped to their deaths. See this high point from a safe distance on your boat tour, and if you’re bold enough, give the hike a try!

Kirkwood Ranch

This building, about six miles downriver from Pittsburg Landing, is part historic ranch, part museum. Get an up-close look at what ranching life was like in the 1930s! You’ll see original buildings, such as log bunkhouses, and evidence of early indigenous settlements in the Hells Canyon area.

Eagle’s Nest Trail

Named for an eagle’s nest originally found in the area, this hiking trail was carved directly into the cliff in the late 1940s by the National Forest Service. Hiking the Eagle’s Nest Trail is like going through a tunnel with one side open to the Snake River below.

When you board your Hells Canyon jet boat tour with River Adventures, look for these landmarks as you make your way down the Snake River. There are plenty of additional natural formations and landmarks to see along the way, and your tour guide will be sure to point them out!