Hells Canyon is one of the most marvelous natural wonders in the country. From the rushing waters of the Snake River to the abundant wildlife and unique rock formations, the canyon is full of striking photographic subjects. When you board our state-of-the-art jet boat for a tour of the Snake River, you’ll have dozens of opportunities to snap memorable photographs.

It’s worth noting that taking photos from a moving vessel presents its own challenges. If you want to take great photos while on a boat, check out these photography tips from River Adventures.

Don’t Stand Up

As a photographer with a valuable piece of equipment in your hands, you’ll do well to keep your center of gravity low and stable. This means staying seated while aboard our jet boat because when you stand up, you risk losing your footing due to the movements of the boat.

When you stay in your seat, you’ll be stable enough to take clear photographs of a variety of subjects. Standing up increases your risk of dropping your camera, slipping on the deck, or falling overboard.

Maintain a Quick Shutter Speed

Our Hells Canyon, Idaho, jet boat tours are known for being fun and adventurous. Any time you are in motion as the photographer, raise your shutter speed accordingly. This practice helps you avoid blur and shake, and allows you to take crisp photos of a stationary subject while you and your camera are in motion.

Pack a Waterproof Bag

To ensure your camera and equipment stay dry and functional during your boat tour, use a waterproof carrying bag or hard case to hold everything. Before you board our jet boat, double-check to make sure you have the following:

  • A neck strap to keep your camera secured to your person
  • Spare memory cards so you can take all the photos you want
  • A fully charged spare battery

When you’re not using your camera, keep it in your bag and keep the bag tightly closed to prevent water from seeping in.

Photography is a highly rewarding outdoor hobby. When you visit Hells Canyon for an adventurous jet boat tour, don’t forget your camera! With River Adventures’ boat photography tips, you’re bound to take great photos from our boat, no matter the speed.