It’s been another exciting week around here with some big and most fish leaderboard changes! We have also been able to come back over the hill with all boats fishing on the Salmon, but still battling some ice conditions because we had to break out ice to get in at Vinegar and at Spring Bar.

There was also a bit of chaos as a result of a propane truck overturning on the highway, sliding into a ditch and shutting down the the highway from New Meadows to Riggins. The highway was close from late morning Thursday until about the same time on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, we had some ladies not be able to make it for their fishing date. Some ladies made the best of it and stayed in McCall with their girls still having a fun weekend. Others made the long trek around to come in from the North, and we even had a group fly in from McCall! Thank you so much to all of your for your patience and understanding while we navigated that.

Brian breaking up some ice!


On Karen Owen’s boat, team- ‘Just the Tip” had Katie Lenz and Courtney Reimers both catching a wild fish with Brian and Malachi at Spring Bar.

Courtney and her catch!

Team – Just the Tip!

Cindy Floyd’s boat with Jake and Justin also at Spring Bar had Jenifer Shepard reeling a wild one as well. Upriver, Jill Linville’s Jackson’s group with Rich and Paul had 3 to the boat. Jill herself with a wild fish, Elena Taylor also landed a wild fish. Katrina Reed caught a 30.25″ hatchery fish.

Kris Owen’s boat Team Reel Knotty Hookin’ Mama’s with Rusty and Colt had a great day with Mandy Corbettt reeling in a 27″ hatchery!

Reel Knotty Hookin’ Mama’s!

Mandy with her fish!

Hang on!

Reel Knotty Hookin’ Mama’s gotta take the rock picture!


2/10 had no boats out due to the road closure 🙁

Flying into Saturday, quite literally, Diane Ford’s group was our ladies that got in plane and flew from McCall to Slate Creek airstrip, and we ended up picking them up and dropping them off in our shuttle van, which they sure appreciated.  Diane has been coming for WWB as many years as it’s been around, she wasn’t going to let her trip be ruined this time by a little road closure!

It was a worth it on the river too. 3 fish landed for the boat, Billie Barnes and Heather McCarthy both landing wild fish. Jackie Dean a 27.25″ hatchery.

Andrea says we are loaded and ready to go!!

Diane’s Crew!

Jackie’s catch

Heather with bait boy, Paul and her wild one!

Billie with her fish

Their ride is here!

There they go!


Let’s head downriver to Glenna McClure’s boat, our very own Riggins Mayor! They had a good day with Sam and Justin. Shanna Fogelman and Judy Dillon both landed a wild steelhead. Glenna had to show everyone how it was done she said, the trick is to pretend like you aren’t paying attention and BAM! She hooked into and landed a 31 1/2″ hatchery, putting her into 3rd Place Biggest for the time being.

Judy and Justin with her fish.

Shanna with her beauty of catch and bait boy Justin.

Glenna with her big fish!


Down at Hammer Creek, April Cooper’s crew with Rob & Billy had just one steelhead caught. Amy McNealy landed a wild one. Moving up to Spring Bar with Tonya Fillmore’s group. Tonya landed the only fish caught but it was a nice 27.75″ hatchery with Brian and Colt.

Amy’s Big wild one!

Fillmore Group with the steelhead of the day!

Tonya with her catch and Brian and Colt!


Jumping upriver to Judy’s Bauer’s team, they had some fishy gals! Judy has been coming for WWB for 22 years now and although she didn’t catch a steelhead this time, she brought one of her daughter’s for the first time and gave her all her luck!

Jessica John’s reeled in a 33.25″ hatchery jumping her right up the leaderboard to 1st Place Biggest Fish! Terri Simpson also had some luck on her side, reeling in both a 31″ and 31.5″ hatchery fish. These put her into 1st Place Most Fish and tied for 4th Place Biggest. We’re not done yet, Ila Eberhardt also landed two hatchery fish, 25″ and 28.5″ putting her right below Terri at 2nd Place Most Fish. Nicely done ladies!!!

Jessica, Judy and Paul with her biggest fish!!

Paul posing with Terri and one of her fish!

Paul with Ila and one her catches!

Paul and Jessica all smiles!

Terri is going to have a steelhead feast!

Judy Bauer’s group with their catches of the day! Congrats girls!



Moving on into Monday, we had just one boat out with Camri Hughes’ crew. Camri herself landed a 27″ hatchery fish and Jovanna Baza with a 31 incher!

Camri and friends with her group!

Fish Kiss for Camri!


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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Jessica Johns – 33.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Caren Fuller – 32.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Taylor Bradley – 32.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: TIE – Glenna McClure and Terri Simpson – 31.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Terri Simpson ~ 2 Fish – 62.5 Hatchery Inches.

2nd Place: Ila Eberhardt ~ 2 Fish – 53.5 Hatchery Inches.

3rd Place: Janet Starr ~ 2 Fish – 49.75 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Courtney Wilkerson ~ 2 Fish – 0 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches and Biggest Fish.