If you’re looking for an exciting trip to take this summer, you should consider visiting Hells Canyon in Idaho. The region boasts some of the most unique natural landscapes and indigenous flora in the country. Plus, you can see it all from a boat tour of Snake River. Discover what to expect on a boat tour of Snake River and why Hells Canyon is the perfect place to visit this summer. If you’ve never been to Hells Canyon this overview can help you have the best boat tour experience.

Amazing Natural Views

One reason people love to visit Hells Canyon is that it looks so different from most other places in the country. Mountains, towering rock formations, dramatic sunsets, and unique plants and animals unique to this part of the world flourish in Hells Canyon. When you go on a Snake River boat tour, we give you plenty of opportunities to stop and take pictures. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to see some bighorn sheep!

Prepare To Get Wet

While our jet boat tours aren’t like the water rides at an amusement park, it’s still common for water to splash over the side of the boat. We recommend wearing clothing that air-dries quickly and shoes that won’t slip. In the warmer months, we even give you time to swim in the river during lunch, so wear a swimsuit!

Leave Lunch to Us

To make things easier on you, we’ll provide you with lunch when you join one of our tours. We serve deli-style lunches with sandwiches and drinks. If you have a special dietary concern, just make sure to reach out to us ahead of time, so we can accommodate you.

Have Fun in the Sun

Our jet boats do have roofs, but we highly recommend you spend plenty of time in the sun. That means applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses. Don’t forget to protect your lips and ears! We also recommend reapplying at least once while you’re on the tour.

Don’t Bring Bug Spray

One of the many wonderful things about visiting Hells Canyon is that you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes. That’s right! Thanks to the ever-changing water levels of the canyon, you can leave the bug spray at home without worrying about becoming a human buffet for the local insects.

The Perfect Excursion Awaits

When you go on a boat tour of Snake River with us, you can expect amazing views, lots of sunshine, tasty lunch, no insects, and stunning photo opportunities. If you’re interested in the Snake River boat tours at River Adventures, you can book on our website. If you have a question we didn’t answer, don’t hesitate to ask us!