A bit of a slow down this week due to river conditions taking a turn again. Ice and LOW LOW water! We were able to stay at Spring bar for a day then we most of the boats had to go over the hill to Hells Canyon and a couple boats did stay at Hammer Creek. But again, much slower on the catching ,unfortunately.


3 boats at Spring Bar today. We had Jennifer Ingraham’s group with Sam and Justin. Madi Ingraham landed a 23″ hatchery for the only steelhead on the boat today. And, Angela Padley off Stacey Jone’s boat landed a wild fish!

Madi & Justin with her catch!

Malachi & Angela with her catch

Stacy Jone’s crew!


Nicole Doty’s group down at Hammer Creek with Rob and Billy, had Tiuana Hensley landing a HUGE wild fish! Billy says it’s the biggest fish he has had the pleasure of netting, super cool! This would be the only steelhead caught today..Our other boats did have some luck catching sturgeon and some trash fish though, so didn’t go completely with nothing hooked.

Ncole Dotys team!

Tiuana and Billy with her big catch!!

Ali Horn’s group with Sam, Justin & Glenn!

Sarah with her Sucker!!

Brenda Huston’s group with her crew! Rich, Becky, & Malachi

Selfie with a photo bomb!

Shuttle time for Brenda Huston’s group!

Welcome to Hells Canyon

These guys work hard to get the boats on the water!

Connie DeMond’s wild crew! 😉 Capt Brian and bait boy Paul, with extra deckhand Mark aka Radar!


Tracy Bramwell’s crew in Hells Canyon with Brian and Paul had Tina Kelley landing a wild steelhead. Also, in Hells Canyon Kate Barne’s Baited Babes Team fished with Jake and Malachi. Kim Wood reeled in a 30″ hatchery fish!

The Reelin’ Rebels team with Rusty & Colt didn’t catch any steelhead but one big sucker and a good time!

Kayla with her sucker!

Reelin’ Rebels! Thank you ladies!



Over in Hells with Rusty and Colt was the Bitch’s team, they reeled in few big sturgeon and some other trash fish. All the ladies fishing in Hells Canyon today dealt with some major wind which really makes fishing for steelhead difficult but they tried really hard for a good portion of the day! Thanks for your grit ladies!

Sandy and her sucker!

The team with Colt!

Had to get one with Rusty too!

Big ‘ol sturgeon!!


Heather Borzick’s crew didn’t land any steelhead at Hammer Creek with Rob & Billy but they did have a great time!


Heather Borzick’s team!

Heather and Anne having fun trying to catch those fish!

Kendall Ridgley’s team didn’t have any luck with the steelhead with Rich and Malachi at Spring Bar but also had fun stories!

Kendall’s team with Rich and Malachi!


Over on Kathreen’s Steiners boat, we had some local gals fishing with Sam and James! Sandi DeVeny was quite the lucky catcher, Landing 2 wild fish, and the biggest stick fish!

James & Sandy with one of her wild ones!

What a stick…branch?!



Just one boat out today, Babette Monroe’s crew fished with Brian and Paul moving back to Spring Bar. Michelle Pruett landed a wild fish and that was it for the steelhead today!


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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Lisa Owen- 37.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Jonna Duvall-Williams – 35.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Denyse Foster – 34.00″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Jessica Johns – 33.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Deb Swift ~ 4 Fish – 85 Hatchery Inches.

2nd Place: Tavia Thompson ~ 3 Fish – 56 Hatchery Inches.

3rd Place: Madi Smith ~ 3 Fish – 27 Hatchery Inches.

4th Place: Stacie Grimmett ~ 3 Fish – 0 Hatchery Inches.

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches and Biggest Fish.