Marching into March with some more fish caught. These ladies are keeping this leaderboard movin’ and turnin’ with fish bitin’!


Two boat day, and one boat had a two fish day! Rhonda Kingrey’s boat, the Tacklebox Beavers, had Rhonda landing a 29 incher keeper and Melanie Alexander with a 28″ keeper!

Beaver on Board!

Got some trash fish too!

Melanie and Paul!

You may sleep, but there will be pictures taken!

Rhonda with some trash fish!

Rhonda and Paul with her keeper!

Team Tacklebox Beavers! Thank you ladies!


Down on Brian’s boat, we had Pam Lambert’s group reeling in 4 steelhead. Bayleigh Coronado landed a 26.75″ hatchery. Crystal Askew caught a wild one. Then we have Aspen Askew, reeling in 2 hatchery ones, 28.5 & 28.25 inchers!  Nice job ladies!

Aspen’s first!

Maddie & Malachi having fun on the boat!

The one that got away…..

Aspen’s second!

Photo op!

what happens when you ask your captain and bait boy to take pictures of you!

Crystal’s wild!

Fish kiss!

Bayleigh’s catch!

The Keeper girls!

Pam’s group with their crew!

The whole group with their keeper steelhead! Thank you, ladies!!


Three boat Thursday! Barb Wunische’s boat of ladies had some steelhead luck! Which, you may have noticed you had some cute little color street nail goodies in your goody bag from Barb, Wild River Nails. Barb herself landed 2 wild fish. Jan Engwer reeled in a 27.5″ hatchery keeper..

Fish On, Barb!

Barb with bait boy, Malachi and her first wild catch!

The steelhead aren’t scare of the a little snow flurry! 😉

Barb’s next big beautiful wild fish!


Malachi with Jan and her keeper!

Brian and Jan!

Barb with her Captn’ & Bait Boy and her 2nd wild one!

where’s the fish??

Barb’s group of ladies! Thank you!!

Kelli Puga’s crew upriver with Rich and Paul landed a couple steelhead to the boat. Holly Hopkins with a 24″ hatchery and Shannon Kinney reeled in a wild one!

We’re fishing!!

Holly’s catch!

Shannon’s catch!

Part of the crew! Hey Triston, the camera is over here!

Yay!! A stick fish!!

Hopping over to Carrie Homburg’s boat with Sam and Beaud, resulted in 6 steelhead caught. Carrie reeled in a 27.5″ keeper. Christy Devinaspre ladned 2 wild ones. and Stacey Budell had 3 total! So, a wild one and 2 hatchery fish, 26.5″ and 26″. At the time, this put her in 3rd Place for Most Fish.

Stacey’s first fish, the wild one!

Carrie’s keeper!

Christy’s first wild one!

Stacey’s second steely!

Christy & Beaud with her second wild!

#3 for Stacey with Beaud!



Finally Friday! And it was a fishy one!

Kristie William’s crew, with Brian and Mark brought 4 into the boat. All wild ones! Kelly Missamore and Kaitlyn Missamore landed a wild fish. Teresa Troxel landed TWO wild steelhead.

Kaitlyn’s wild one!

Kristie William’s group! Thank you!

Carrie Homburg had day 2 out, with the other half of the boat gals being their tourney day. Nicole Rine landed a 27.5″ hatchery and Deb Whitten a wild one! Christy Devinaspre did land another wild fish but this wasn’t her tourney day.

Not Deb’s steely but a sucker was caught too!

Tracy Coffman’s crew with Jake and Malachi had 5 fish to the boat! Brandi Mordhorst reeld in 2 wild steelhead. Ashley Copeland also landed a wild fish. Kerri Phillips caught 2 hatchery fish, so with a 29.5″ & a 26.25″.

Ashley and her catch!

Kerri with one of her catches!

Kerri with her second catch!

Tracy’s Crew!

Brandi with one of her catches!


Let’s go over to Team So-FISH-ticated Ladies with Rich and Paul, and special guest bait boy Triston.

These ladies weren’t messing around today! Well, maybe a little but they kept catching fish! Laurie Anglen landed a 24″ hatchery. While Meg Hiatt landing 2 wild fish. RaeGail Drace also landed herself a wild one. Lisa O’Connor reeled in a wild one too. Dawn Crochet got the hook set on a big wild fish and is now really hooked on steelhead fishing! Brette Shakespeare had to show everyone up though. So, she caugh 2 wild ones, and 3 hatchery fish! a 32″, 28.5″, and a 34 incher! Therefore, this put her right up onto the leader board for 1st Place Most Fish AND at the time tied her for 3rd Place Biggest! Nicely done, girls!

Laurie’s steelhead kiss!

Dawn, super excited!

Dawn’s big wild fish!

Brette with her first!

Brette’s #2!

We take this short break to see Meg netting the not so elusive fireball…

Lisa’s catch!

Brette’s third!

one of Meg’s wild ones!

RaeGail fish on!

RaeGail landed her wild fish! whoo!

Meg’s second wild!

oh yeah, #4 for Brette!

and a 5 to finish!

Team So-FISH-icated Ladies! Thank you!

Selfie with the whole group! Good thing Paul has long arms!

Over to our Rods & Racks Crew, 2 boats of ladies.

On Rob & Billy’s boat, Jill Terry landed a wild one and Sarena Wilson reeled in a 26″ hacthery. Over to the part of the crew with Rusty & Colt. Janet Martinez landed 2 fish, a wild one and a 27″ keeper! Denise Ard reeled in wild steelhead. Nicole Hammett also landed 2, a wild one then a 31 incher! Lori Reche caught 3! 2 hatchery fish, a 29″ & 29.75″. Also, a wild one. This put her in into 3rd Place Most Fish! Good job!!

Janet’s keeper!

Lori with one of her big catches!

Janet & Colt with her wild fish!

fun on the boat!



Coming to Saturday, whew we aren’t done with all the fish catching these girls are doing yet! Amanda Maggard’s teams first go out with Rob & Billy had Sara Marrs landing a wild steelhead!

Maggard Grouo!

Ginne NIcholson’s girls didn’t have any steelhead luck but had a fantatic day with Brian and Triston!

Nicholson Gals, thank you!

Now, we will go over to Candy Tiller’s boat. Candy herself caught a 23″ hatchery fish! Dorothy Peterson landed a 32 incher! Lynda Fine, Stephanie Grout and Karen Zabala all landed a wild steelhead. Lisa Blackmun reeled in 27.5″ keeper!

No way!

Ok, fine!

Fish in net is a good thing!

Candy and Paul with her catch!


Ann Barnowski’s boat with Sam and Malachi brought 3 fish to the boat. This was with Ann catching a wild one, and Sherry Renee also with a wild. Megan Shoecraft reeled in a 25″ hatchery!

Ann’s catch!

Megan’s keeper!

Sherry’s catch!


Barnowski’s boat & crew! Thank you ladies!!

Now, here we go over to Nanci Shoemaker’s team with Rusty and Colt!

A total of 13 steelhead on this boat today! Wow! Nothing to put them on the leaderboard but still, heck of fishing day ladies! Nanci herself reeled in 3. 2 wild ones and a beaut of 31 inches! Kayla Jones caught a wild. Leslie Phinney also landed 3 fish, a wild and 2 hatchery fish, 28.25 & 23 inches. Paula Purdome and Ashlee Florom both landed 2 wild steelies! Tami Shultz caught a wild and a 26.5″  Great fishing ladies!

Nanci kissing one of her steelies!

Tami’s catch!

Leslie with one of her catches

Captain selfie!

Kayla Jones with her wild catch

Bait Boy selfie!

Paula’s catch!

Nanci with one of her fish!


Shoemaker Clan with their crew, Rusty & Colt!


And into another Sunday, Fish Funday! Yecora Daniel’s boat didn’t catch any steelhead but they had a wonderful day on the water!

Daniel’s group with their captain Brian!

Boat & Crew!

Shelby Duncan’s boat with Tommy & Harry caught 2 steelhead. Shelby herself caught a 26.5″ keeper and Hilary Coltrin landed a wild fish.

Hilary with her catch

Fishing in the sunshine!

Shelby’s keeper! Her first! yay!

Kathi Bruderer’s team with Rusty & Colt also reeled in a few fish, 6 total for the boat! Kathi landed a 28.5″ keeper. Trish Irish, Kim Vandeway, and Jennifer Chitwood all  caught native fish! Bobbie McFadden reeled in 2 hatchery fish, a 32.25″ & 24 incher!

Bruderer Boat!

The Team Fish-N-Chicks, Jenny Staples boat got it done today with Rich and Andrew!

Becky William’s landed a 31.75″ keeper. While Crystal McLain reeled in 3 total, 2 wild ones and a 29 incher! Blair Garrison also reeled in a wild one! Meanwhile, Sarah McClain landed 2 wild steelhead and a 29.25″ keeper. Nice ladies!

Crystal with her hatchery!

one of Crystal’s wild!

Kristine didn’t get away without catching something, even if it was trash fish!

Jenny also reeled in a trash fish!

Whoo hoo! Fish in net!

Hold on Andrew!!

Come on now!

How about a twofer!

Sarah with one of her wild fish!

Becky’s catch!

oh yeah, give it a kiss!

Fish N Chicks! Thank you ladies!


Tammy Morganroth’s family boat with Sam and Paul (and Billy tagged along too) brought 4 to the boat! Tammy, Marina Lundy and Skye Hunt all reeled in wild steelhead. While, Paige Bicandi landed a 26.5″ hatchery.

Pretty excited about Jess’ sucker!

Billy and Paige!

Marina’s wild one!

Tammy’s fish!

Tammy feelin a little goofy and excited about her steelhead!

Skye’s wild catch!

Morganroth Group!! Thank you ladies!

Lastly, but not last! Tammy Peloquin’s boat with Rob and James may have only brought two steelhead in, it was all one of them needed to get on the leaderboard! Tammy landed a big native. Whereas, Danielle Oakley reeled in a 34.25″ hatchery fish, putting her into 3rd Place Biggest!

Tammy’s big wild one!

Danielle’s big keeper!



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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Lisa Owen- 37.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Jonna Duvall-Williams – 35.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Danielle Oakley – 34.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: TIE ~ Denyse Foster and Brette Shakespeare  – 34.00″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Brette Shakespeare ~ 5 Fish – 94.5 Hatchery Inches.

2nd Place: Debbie Swift ~ 4 Fish – 85 Hatchery Inches.

3rd Place: Lori Reche ~ 3 Fish – 58.75 Hatchery Inches.

4th Place: Tavia Thompson ~ 3 Fish – 56 Hatchery Inches.

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches and Biggest Fish.