Today, we had a boat of local Salmon River canyon gals on the boat! Also, all first time WWB participants.  I believe some had never been steelhead fishing either and/or fished on the Salmon!.  Which, Sam and Brian helped change that to first time steelhead catchers, because 4 of the 7 ladies caught steelhead.

Julie Kiniskie reeled in a wild one. Julie owns BlueTick Coffee stands here in Riggins and Grangeville. You may have noticed a discount coupon in your goody bags for WWB from her. She has created an awesome little business with great coffee and delicious treats! So, make sure to stop by there if you are in the area or passing thru. Debbe Venner also reeled in a wild fish! So did Angie Poxleitner.! Then, Elly Elder got the keeper, a 29.5″ hatchery fish, a beautiful catch. Elly is one of our canyon’s emergency medical responders! There were actually 3 gals on the boat that are part of our EMT crew, Grace Killmar and Ashley Gautney we appreciate you!

Angie and Brian with her catch!

Brian helping Elly with a little fish kiss!

Debbie with her wild one!

Julie with her wild catch!

Elly with big catch!

Our canyon girls with Elly’s keeper steelhead!


Liz Thiel’s first day of fishing for the week wasn’t their tournament day, which might have been a good thing since they didn’t catch any fish 🙁 . However, they said today was their fishing day, therefore later this week will be their catching day. 😉 Regardless, they still had a great day on the river with Brian and Paul.

The best view!

Suzi and Paul hanging on the boat!

We found a ninja….

Captain Brian!

Getting warm and dry!

Thiel Group!


Don’t forget we are doing the FOOD DRIVE again this year! Items to be dropped of at River Adventures! Pre-order your gear too, ORDER HERE.

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Fish Dance – March 18th @ Seven Devils around 7-ish pm!


Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Lisa Owen- 37.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Jonna Duvall-Williams – 35.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Danielle Oakley – 34.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: TIE ~ Denyse Foster and Brette Shakespeare  – 34.00″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Brette Shakespeare ~ 5 Fish – 94.5 Hatchery Inches.

2nd Place: Debbie Swift ~ 4 Fish – 85 Hatchery Inches.

3rd Place: Lori Reche ~ 3 Fish – 58.75 Hatchery Inches.

4th Place: Tavia Thompson ~ 3 Fish – 56 Hatchery Inches.

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches and Biggest Fish.