Going into another busy weekend with a heck of a snow storm on Fridayand some good boulders in the road! Not much like a March Blizzard to see who is down to fish. As a result, with some of the storm systems moving in and a change in temperature it seemed like the fishing or rather catching took a change to more on the slow end. All things considered, we were still managing to get some steelhead in the boat every day and making memories to last. This is almost the last of the tournament, stay tuned for final pirzes and FISH DANCE on Saturday, March 18th! Hopefully, the fish gods keep smiling on these ladies coming up!


Rose Brooks Team, Tuff Tested @10°, fished with Rusty and Colt. They had 3 steelhead landed on the boat. Deb Stutheit reeled in a 28″ keeper. Rochelle Fuquay landed a 26″ hatchery and then had one heck of a fight with a wild one! She got it done though with a beautiful fish picture at the end!

Deb’s keeper!

Rochelle’s Keeper!

The wild one for Rochelle!

Anni Norstebon’s group joined us out with Rob & Billy and they brought two steelhead into the boat. Anni herself, and Lisa Anderson both reeled in wild ones.


Couple of their girls with Captain Rob!

Cast away! the sun popped out!

Anni Norstebon’s group! Thank you laides!

Tami Eixenberger’s group fishing with Sam and James, resulted in 2 steelhead for the boat. Dana Garrison and Tiffany Lake with 2 wild fish, a big stick fish and some other trash fish!

Bully bully!

Nice Stick!

Sucker kiss!

Dana’s big wild!

Susie Finney’s group fished with long time family friend Brian and bait boy Paul. They ddin’t catch any steelhead but still had a fun Winter wonderland day!

Chillin and Fishin in a blizzard!

The girls with their guide Brian!


The Thiel group was out again with a couple extras!  No steelhead for them either but a snowy adventurous day!

Neat panroma of the rvier!

River Road Obstacles.

Just sqeeeeeze around!

All smiles still!

Just a bit of snow on Jordan!

Suzi might be tunring into a snow…woman!

Boo no fish!

But we had fun! Thanks Ladies!


Sliding into Satruday!

Aleesha Arnzen’s group went out with Brian and Paul with Kennedy Zarak landing a pretty big Wild steelhead. That was the only one for their boat that day and the just kept celebrating their big fish catch 😉

Time to go fishing!

Brian, Kennedy and Paul with her big wild!

Arnzen Group at the end of the day!


Up on Rusty & Colt’s boat with  Cami Jeppesen’s crew, had 3 steelhead on the boat. Cami reeled in 2 wild ones. Ashlee Stolarski also landed a wild one!

Durann;s bull trout!

Cami’s first wild!

Kari’s stick!

Cami’s second!

Colt and Rusty sneakin a picture!

Jeppesen Crew


Ambar Strode’s boat of ladies went with Rob and BIlly. Sylvia Frickey was the lucky one there with 2 wild steelhead catches!

Syliva with Rob and Billy and her wild catch! Nice one!

Billy & Suliva iwth her other wild fish!

Birgit Luebeck’s boat, Team FOR REELS, didn’t get into any steelhead but still had a nice day out with Rich and Malachi, and reeling in a few trash fish too!

Birgit’s itty bitty catch!

Team FOR REELS with Captain Rich!

Jody Bailie’s, Where’s the Fish?! Team, may have definitely been asking that since they didn’t catch any steelhead. They did reel in a few trash fish and had fun with Sam, Andrew and Glen!

Glen sporting some patriotic glasses!

Emmy’s bull trout

Where’s the fish?!


Another Sunday Funday! The fishing picked up a bit for us today, resulting in every boat catching steelhead again!

Brenda Coons-Houser boat with Rob & Billy had Doris Hayward….and bananas on board! Regardless, Doris landed a 26″ keeper!

The wild men with the wild fish, and Doris!


Heather Kovick had a 2 boat crew with Rusty & Colt and Sam & Paul.On Sam’s boat, Michelle Kemper and Kristi Wherry reeled in a wild one. Mindt Tomkinson landed a 25.5″ keeper.

Rusty & Colt’s boat brought in 6! Heather Kovick landed a wild one. Anna Buckner reeled in 2 26 inchers and a wild one. Samantha Storms also reeled in a couple wild ones!

The Crew with a wild catch!


Connie Giannini’s crew fished with Rich and Andrew, they reeled in 3 wild steelhead to the boat. Which was Dwawn Davis and Donna Dalport with 2 of them!

Chelsie Johnson’ group had a great day out with Brian and Malachi! And not only because they caught fish, which they did! Cathy McKenzie landed a 23.75″ keeper and Monique Adler a 31.75″ hatchery.

Monique & Brian with her catch!

Malchi & Cathy with her catch

Brian and the girls with their keepers!

The whole crew! Thank you ladies!



One boat Monday and one steelhead! Brandi Kahler got a group together and these ladies were ready for some fish! The fish just didn’t get the memo 🙁 Laura Silkworth did land a nice wild one. They still had a wonderful day with Rich and Paul


Well, the river bumped up on us which was good, but it also came as a result of a lot of precipitation at once making the river a little off color. Alyssia Tomko’s boat did still manage to get one keeper to the boat with Rusty & Colt. Her sister Amanda Tomko landed a 23.25″ keeper!


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Fish Dance – March 18th @ Seven Devils around 7-ish pm!


Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Lisa Owen- 37.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Jonna Duvall-Williams – 35.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Danielle Oakley – 34.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: TIE ~ Denyse Foster and Brette Shakespeare  – 34.00″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Brette Shakespeare ~ 5 Fish – 94.5 Hatchery Inches.

2nd Place: Debbie Swift ~ 4 Fish – 85 Hatchery Inches.

3rd Place: Lori Reche ~ 3 Fish – 58.75 Hatchery Inches.

4th Place: Tavia Thompson ~ 3 Fish – 56 Hatchery Inches.

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches and Biggest Fish.