Hells Canyon is one of the most famous parts of the Midwest, providing a beautiful area to go on incredible adventures. However, many explorers, especially rafters, want to find an easy way back out of the canyon after a long day. Jet back service in Hells Canyon is the answer. There are many benefits to scheduling this service. We describe these benefits below so you can make an informed decision the next time you raft in the Hells Canyon area.

Relax After Your Adventures

As we described above, Hells Canyon is full of adventure opportunities. Rafting is the most popular, but the area offers hiking, fishing, swimming, and exploring as well. You’ll never forget the memories you make here, but you will feel tired at the end of the day. Instead of forcing yourself to trudge back to your starting point or float to a more populated area for a shuttle service, you can schedule a jet back service. A boat will come to pick you and your group up so you can relax after your big day.

Save Time on Your Return Trip

Scheduling a jet back service saves lots of time. Boats are faster than walking, and our certified jet boats are faster than floating in a raft. They’re designed to navigate challenging water, so nothing will slow us down! All you have to do is sit and wait until we reach your desired drop-off point.

Enjoy a Scenic River Tour

While we want to help you relax on your return trip, we don’t want you to fall asleep. Our jet back service includes a scenic river tour along the Snake River and Lower Salmon River. That means while you relax and let us get you back safely, you’re also enjoying stunning views you may have missed throughout your busy adventures. If you only rafted part of one of these rivers, then this is a chance to see new sights as well. We suggest keeping a camera ready so you can make the most of this adventure.

Get Help With Your Gear

Jet back services won’t just get you safely back out of the canyon. We will haul all your gear as well, including your rafting equipment. Some companies that only provide jet back services don’t understand how much gear it takes to traverse Hells Canyon or its rivers successfully. We do, which is why we’re so confident about hauling you and your gear out at the end of the day.

Keep Your Day on Track

You must schedule jet back services in advance. While some people think this cuts your day short, it actually helps you keep your day on track. Knowing when and where your raft journey will stop allows you to create a good schedule for your trip. A plan will keep you focused so that you can make the most of your trip to Hells Canyon.

There are many benefits of scheduling jet back service in Hells Canyon, and we’re glad we can provide you with these benefits. Schedule our Snake River jet boat for a jet back service or boat tour to enjoy everything Hells Canyon has to offer.