Packing for a trip always feels a little bit hectic. There are so many items to remember, especially when you’re planning to spend the night outside. While you probably already know the basic overnight items to pack for a river trip, there are some you may not think to bring. While the below items aren’t necessities, they will make your overnight trip easier and more fun.

Lightweight Entertainment

After a river trip through the amazing Hells Canyon, you probably think you’ll set up camp and fall right asleep. However, most people enjoy spending alone or communal time winding down from their big day. Bringing a form of lightweight entertainment, such as a frisbee, a book, a journal, or a deck of cards, gives you something to do alone or together during this time.

Waterproof Storage

River trips involve water both on and off the boat, so you should bring waterproof storage for important belongings. No one wants to get off the boat with a wet wallet, keys, or phone. Some people think they’ll just zip their belongings into plastic bags. While this does work, it’s easy to poke holes in plastic bags. Instead, bring a strong waterproof storage case that can hold all your important items.

Extra Plastic Bags

While plastic bags aren’t great for waterproof storage, they are a great option for holding dirty or wet clothes. We suggest bringing at least one bag for wet clothes, at least one bag for dirty clothes, and an extra bag for unexpectedly wet or dirty items. For example, if you get a pair of shoes extremely wet or dirty, you may not want to place them in the same bag as your soiled clothes. This extra bag gives you a separate storage option.

Small Waist or Chest Bag

Most campers pack all their belongings in one big or two medium bags that are easy to keep track of. However, once you’ve settled into your campsite, you may want to explore. Instead of carrying around a bag that’s too big for what you need or trying to stuff your pockets, you should use a small bag. Small waist or chest bags are easy to take on and off, and you can wear them while carting bigger bags around.

You may not have thought to pack these overnight items for your river trip, but now you know why you should. We want you to have a fun, enjoyable trip, and bringing these items will help. Also, our Hells Canyon boat tours are the best way to enjoy the river on your trip and return from your campsite. Book a tour today!