Packing for a trip might be the first time the reality of the trip sets in. Anticipation builds as you look forward to your destination, such as Hells Canyon in Idaho. The Snake River is a prominent feature of Hells Canyon and draws countless visitors for boat tours, overnight camping, and more.

Your packing list might be extensive, and it depends on the activities you plan to do. No matter what you have planned for the Snake River, be aware of the disadvantages of using single-use items on your trip. We’ll explain why you should leave these items at home.

Garbage Piles Up Quickly

When you’re taking a jet boat tour for the day or camping overnight, trash piles up quickly. You may not have regular access to a trash can during your time on the river, so you’ll have to figure out how to safely store your garbage. Safe trash storage is especially important for overnight visitors who must keep waste hidden from wildlife. The fewer single-use items you bring, the less trash you have to carry or store.

Even if a trash can is nearby, it’s communal. All that waste accumulates quickly. Don’t be a garbage hog!

Trash Can Cause Accidental Littering

Some adventurers think they won’t mind carrying or storing their single-use trash. While this may be true, the more you carry, the greater your chance of accidentally littering. Even though your intention is to leave the river and canyon as pristine as you found it, you could still drop trash on accident.

Single-Use Items Hurt the Environment

If you litter accidentally, you may not realize you need to pick up your waste. Then, your trash gets left behind, dirtying the river and canyon. Animals may attempt to eat litter, which can hurt and even kill them.

Single-use items break down very slowly. Many single-use items are plastic, so they break down into microplastics that contaminate the river and surrounding areas. Since the Snake River is so long, these microplastics can travel for miles, hurting plants and animals far beyond where you visited.

Now you know the disadvantages of using single-use items on the Snake River. Do your best to leave all single-use items at home to contribute to environmental protection. If you want to enjoy your time on the river while leaving it better than you found it, consider a Hells Canyon Idaho jet boat tour. River Adventures will provide lunch and drinks during the tour so you can focus on the river, not the trash.