People all over the world love to fish, both close to home and on vacation. The popularity of this sport is largely due to the ability to choose between freshwater and saltwater fishing locations and the combination of agility and relaxation.

One of the best locations for freshwater fishing is the Snake River in Hells Canyon, Idaho. While some anglers decry freshwater fishing as boring and that it only offers smaller catches, fishing on the Snake River is neither boring nor lacking in big fish. Deciding between freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing isn’t a fishy choice when you can enjoy the angler adventure of a lifetime in Hells Canyon. We explain the pros in more detail below.

Freshwater Fishing Pros

No matter how much fishing experience you have, you can enjoy fishing in freshwater. While rivers still offer powerful currents not unlike the ocean, most freshwater spots are calm. Fishing in lakes and streams is an ideal introduction to the pastime and sport of fishing.

Freshwater fishing is often cheaper, more accommodating, and more predictable. These benefits are unique to freshwater fishing.

Cheaper Equipment

While any high-quality sports equipment, including freshwater fishing gear, can cost a pretty penny, freshwater gear is often cheaper than saltwater gear. Why? Freshwater gear doesn’t need to weather the salty water. You can find affordable freshwater equipment if you’re new to fishing and don’t want to spend too much money on a hobby you may or may not enjoy.

You don’t even need to worry about equipment costs if you’re hoping to fish in Hells Canyon as a new angler. River Adventures will provide the rods, tackle, and bait you need for the perfect river fishing experience. However, you’re welcome to bring your gear if that’s what you prefer.

Accommodates Various Skill Levels

We mentioned above that most freshwater fishing locations are calm. While all bodies of water have tides and many contain currents, freshwater is more accommodating for various skill levels than saltwater. New anglers can enjoy the peaceful water while they develop their skills. Experienced anglers can try new techniques, such as fly fishing, and catch and release more difficult freshwater fish species.

Rivers also pose a unique challenge for all anglers. They tend to have stronger currents, especially powerful rivers that cut through canyons like the Snake River. River fishing is for you if you’re looking for the excitement of a saltwater current in a freshwater atmosphere.

Predictable Catches

Since most saltwater fishing occurs in the ocean, you have an almost endless sea (pun intended) of potential catches. Freshwater locations offer a more limited range of catches. While some people view this as a negative, we see it as a unique benefit. You can hone specific skills to catch specific species when you can predict which kinds are biting. With those specific skills, you’re more likely to bring home the perfect trout or catch and release a nine-foot sturgeon.

Saltwater Fishing Pros

Some of the pros of saltwater fishing are predictable based on the pros of freshwater fishing. In many ways, saltwater fishing is the opposite of freshwater fishing. While it’s a more challenging experience, many anglers love going out on the ocean for their catch.

Challenging Experience

As we explained above, freshwater tends to offer a calmer and more accommodating fishing experience. Saltwater fishing is more challenging because of the constant presence of currents and tides. You must always take currents and tides into consideration, whether you’re fishing from a pier, boat, or shoreline. Experienced anglers enjoy this added environmental challenge as they continue to develop their skills.

Bigger Catches

Most saltwater fishing occurs in the ocean, which is a much bigger environment for the fish. You can find larger fish in a bigger environment involving more species and prey. While most saltwater fishing equipment is hardier to survive the salty environment and accommodate these bigger catches, it is more of a struggle to use. Many experienced anglers enjoy the extra struggle they experience with large, saltwater fish and feel a larger sense of victory when they finally succeed.

Tastier Fish

While some people claim all fish taste the same, many claim that saltwater fish taste better. The natural salt in the environment could improve their flavor or the flavor difference could come from another part of the environment. We don’t know for sure. Regardless of the cause, catch your fish from saltwater if you want to give your dinner an extra boost before you prepare it.

Choosing Between Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

Few people can make the fishy choice between freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing daily. Many who live close to freshwater aren’t close to saltwater and vice versa. However, you must pick between them if you are lucky enough to live close to both or if you’re planning a vacation close to both sources.

Freshwater Fishing

You should choose freshwater fishing if you have less than six months of angling experience. Your starting equipment will cost less and most freshwater spots offer calmer waters.

Freshwater fishing is also ideal if you want a more predictable catch. You need to stay in freshwater if your goal is to fight a nine-foot sturgeon or bring home a pile of bass.

Saltwater Fishing

Experienced anglers can choose saltwater fishing if they want an unpredictable challenge. The environment and the fish will provide that challenge, which will be a unique thrill when you succeed.

Saltwater fishing is also ideal if you have a refined palette for saltwater fish. You know saltwater fish is better and stays close to the ocean if you can taste the difference between freshwater and saltwater fish.

Here, at River Adventures, we are partial towards freshwater fishing. While saltwater fishing offers many benefits, we love the adventure the Snake River provides and the incredible catches anyone can achieve. Our experts will take you on the angling adventure of a lifetime, so consider taking a Hells Canyon fishing trip with us. Trust us. You’ll be glad you did. Contact our friendly and helpful team of adventurers today to learn more.

Fishy Choices: Freshwater Fishing vs. Saltwater Fishing