Our clothing choices are important, especially when packing for an outdoor adventure like a river trip. Some situations along the river require natural clothes, while others require synthetic ones. If you’re trying to decide what to wear for a river trip, pack both natural and synthetic clothes so you’re prepared.

Wear Natural Clothes When Your Skin Needs To Breathe

When is it best to wear natural clothes? Materials such as cotton and linen allow the skin to breathe, which is especially important if you’re camping after a river trip and your skin is wet. Wearing natural clothes will prevent you from getting cold while allowing your skin to dry. Even if you’re not camping along the river, bring natural clothes so you can change after the river trip and feel comfortable on the way back to your lodgings.

Wear Synthetic Clothes When You Need Durability

While synthetic clothes don’t allow the skin to breathe as well as natural ones, the fibers are much more durable. This makes synthetic fabric a great choice when boating on the river, rock climbing, fishing, or doing other activities. Many synthetic clothes are moisture and stain-resistant and extra stretchy. These features come in handy on the river where you’ll be active.

Layer Natural and Synthetic Clothes When Rain Hits

While it’s best to wear natural and synthetic clothes are different times, you can layer them together. This is ideal when it rains. Layering a natural material, such as wool, under a synthetic raincoat keeps you warm and dry despite the weather. If you’re trying to go out on the river in the rain, consider three layers: a base synthetic layer, a natural layer you can remove, and a raincoat. This allows you to remove both the raincoat and your natural layer if the rain stops so you can enjoy the river life in your base synthetic clothing.

Knowing what to wear for a river trip can be tricky, especially since natural and synthetic clothes have different uses. Packing both types of clothing is the best way to enjoy a boat tour, camping, and other river activities. If you want to schedule a Hells Canyon boat tour to enjoy all the activities within Hells Canyon and the surrounding wilderness, check out River Adventures. Our boat tours are the adventure of a lifetime!