Rivers are among the best spots to spend time with your family. You can relax next to the water or jump in to have more active fun. You can also play water sports by yourself or as a family. Introduce your kids to the following four water sports on the river. Get ready for some family fun!

Exercise and Connect With Nature Through Fishing

Some people think of fishing as a hobby, not a sport. However, officials consider it a sport. As a sport, it works your arms, legs, back, and core muscles as you cast, reel in, and maneuver your fishing line. Introducing your kids to this sport on the river gives them a unique exercise opportunity. They’ll also connect with nature when standing in or close to the water. Connecting with nature has mental health benefits, such as improved focus and stress relief, so give river fishing a try!

Get Healthier and Happier With River Swimming

Many families don’t bring their kids onto the river unless they are strong swimmers. River swimming is fun as long as everyone stays safe. It’s different than swimming in a pool—the water temperature is colder, and the current can be challenging to navigate.

These differences can benefit your kids if they are strong swimmers. Cold water temperatures can boost the immune system and encourage the body to release endorphins, making your kids happy while getting in some fun exercise. Additionally, swimming against a current strengthens muscles and builds stamina. Just be sure to stay close to your kids in the river!

Improve Strength and Flexibility Through Kayaking

Kayaking is a great sport to introduce to your kids, especially when you can practice on a river current. At first glance, kayaking is like fishing—it doesn’t seem like a sport. However, balancing while paddling can be a great exercise for your kids. Rowing and staying balanced strengthens the core, and maneuvering the kayak requires flexibility.

Create a Low-Impact Workout With Stand Up Paddleboarding

If you’re worried about your kids over-exerting themselves on the river but you want to introduce them to a sport, try stand up paddleboarding. This low-impact, full-body workout won’t make your kids strain themselves. You can even buy a blow-up paddleboard to bring on camping trips or riverboat tours that stop for activities!

These four water sports to introduce your kids to on the river will help them get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re coming to Hells Canyon, you can try these sports and enjoy a Snake River jet boat tour. Our tours pause for activities such as swimming, so you can enjoy the sites and get in some exercise!