Fishing is a popular and versatile pastime and sport. You can fish in saltwater or freshwater using various tools and techniques. The number of options makes fishing accessible to anyone of any skill level in almost any location, including Hells Canyon. Keep reading to learn more about four different fishing rods, their applications, and whether you should bring them on a fishing trip to Hells Canyon.

Challenging Fly-Fishing Rod

Fly-fishing is often the next challenge that an experienced angler wants to take on. While the rods themselves are usually lightweight and easy to carry, they require a more advanced technique for proper long-distance casting. Additionally, these rods aren’t one size fits all; you may need to use different lengths and weights for different fish species.

Also, you can’t fly-fish in just any body of water. You must make sure you have the space and clearance to employ proper fly-fishing techniques. While you can fly-fish in the bodies of water around Hells Canyon, this fishing rod is not our top recommendation.

Versatile Spin Fishing Rod

If you’re looking for more pleasure than challenge, then the spin fishing rod is for you. Spin fishing rods are the most common rod type, and people of any skill level can use them. This kind of rod comes in various sizes, and you can choose between different reels depending on the species you want to catch and fishing conditions.

The versatile spin fishing rod can take an angler to various bodies of freshwater. You can use them in rivers, streams, and lakes from dry land or on a boat. Since this rod is so versatile, we recommend it for a fishing trip in Hells Canyon, especially a guided one on our jet boat.

Portable Telescoping Fishing Rod

People who love to travel and fish will prefer the portable telescoping fishing rod. Since the fishing rod collapses down into a smaller rod for easy carrying, it’s ideal for people traveling with a light load. This rod can help you catch most small and average-sized species in gentle water conditions.

However, since telescoping rods are designed to collapse, they are easy to damage and don’t cast as well as solid rods. We recommend this rod for backpackers, campers, and hikers, but we don’t recommend it for regular use when a solid rod is available.

Durable Baitcasting Rod

Anglers looking for a durable rod that will provide a slight challenge will find their match in a baitcasting rod. Casting rods can use a baitcast or spincast reel, but the baitcast provides extra durability and challenge that many experienced anglers enjoy. Plus, its durability makes it an excellent choice for catching larger species, such as bass.

You’ll also find it easier to cast farther and more accurately with a baitcasting rod. We recommend this fishing rod for people coming to Hells Canyon, especially those looking to catch bass on our fishing tours.

These four different fishing rods and their applications allow anglers of multiple skill levels to enjoy the pastime of fishing and challenge themselves as desired. We recommend that all anglers, both new and experienced, join River Adventures for a Hells Canyon fishing trip. You’ll get to spend a day on the river with licensed fishing experts and make memories to last a lifetime!