Planning a hiking trip with family and friends is a lot of fun, but it requires lots of preparation. If you are a new hiker traveling with kids, your preparations must include the safety of your little ones. We have three hiking safety tips for new hikers and kids so that you can enjoy your trip without any worries.

Choose the Right Trail

Before starting your hike, choose a trail that is suitable for your fitness level and age. Don’t go on a challenging trail if you or your kids are not prepared for it. It’s better to choose a moderate or easy trail, especially if it’s your first hike. Also, check the weather forecast and trail conditions before you head out. If there’s a chance of a thunderstorm or heavy rain, it’s best to postpone your hike to another day.

Dress Appropriately

Another essential hiking safety tip is to dress appropriately for the climate. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are suitable for the terrain. Avoid wearing cotton, as the material will soak up sweat and make you chilly if it gets windy or the temperature drops. Instead, wear moisture-wicking clothes that keep you dry. Also, bring a jacket, hat, sunglasses, and gloves in case the weather changes suddenly. Dress your kids similarly and bring a bag to carry extra layers for everyone.

Bring Adequate Supplies

Lastly, bring adequate supplies for your hike, especially if your kids are coming along. Bring plenty of water and snacks to keep everyone hydrated and energized. Pack snacks full of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. Dried fruit, granola, and jerky are popular among hikers. Also, carry a first-aid kit, insect repellent, sunblock, and a map of the trail. Make sure you and your kids know how to use the supplies, and don’t hesitate to use them if necessary.

You now know three hiking safety tips for new hikers and kids in Hells Canyon, Idaho! Following these safety tips can help you and your kids enjoy a safe and fun hiking trip. If you want to take a break from hiking for a unique water adventure, consider a Hells Canyon boat tour on a jet boat! Zipping through the canyon offers a different perspective from hiking and lets you rest your legs.