Hells Canyon, located along the Idaho-Oregon border, is a magnificent natural wonder with towering cliffs, deep gorges, and a wide variety of trees and foliage. Taking a closer look at the trees and foliage of Hells Canyon allows us to explore the unique nature found in the upper, middle, and lower areas of the Idaho side. While we can only provide a brief description of these plants, we invite you to visit in person for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Upper Areas

In the upper areas of the Idaho side of Hells Canyon, you can explore higher elevations with lakes and rock formations. This region is home to an astonishing variety of trees, such as the majestic mountain hemlock, whitebark pine, and subalpine fir. While strolling through the serene meadows, you might come across vibrant wildflowers such as Indian paintbrush, lupine, and columbine, which add a delightful pop of color to this breathtaking landscape.

Middle Areas

As you make your way down to the middle areas of Hells Canyon, you will find yourself surrounded by dense forests brimming with life. Towering ponderosa pines, Douglas firs, and grand firs dominate the scene, providing a refreshing scent and evoking a true sense of awe. Below the tree cover, you can discover enchanting flowers like trillium, fairy slipper orchids, and bleeding hearts that further enhance the beauty of this exceptional region.

Lower Areas

Arriving at the lower areas of this magnificent canyon, you will encounter steep slopes cutting down to the Snake River and its tributaries. The plant life here is equally astonishing, featuring trees such as the western cottonwood, Oregon ash, and box elder. The foliage on these slopes creates a striking contrast to the rugged terrain, with vibrant bursts of flowers like balsamroot, wild rose, and blanket flower painting the scenery in vivid hues.

A quick but close look at the trees and foliage of Hells Canyon reveals a breathtaking diversity of plant life, each adding its unique charm to this natural masterpiece. If you want to see these natural beauties and explore the thrill of the canyon’s waterways, we invite you on a Hells Canyon Idaho jet boat tour. You can admire many of the natural wonders of the canyon from our safe boat rides, and we will stop regularly to allow up-close exploration of the lower areas. After or before a jet boat tour, you’re also welcome to hike and camp in the area for a better look at the upper and middle areas and their unique foliage.