Things are kicking right along here on the Salmon River! Water conditions still haven’t been ideal but these ladies have been determined and we are still managing to get some steelhead hooked. Towards the end of this week water conditions started to get better and we really had a stir up on the leaderboard, follow along to see!

Thursday, 2-8

Brandi Kings boat went out with Sam and James upriver. Crystal and Lita Martinez both landed 2 wild steelhead. They brought some trash fish to the boat as well.

Haleys little fishy!

Besty’s bull trout catch, sorry not a steelhead!

Crystal’s wild one!

Lita’s beautiful wild fish!

Over on Liz De Kruyf’s boat, with Brian & Dylan, Kristen Thomas reeled in a wild steelhead, and someone took a fireball nap 😀

Kristen’s wild one!

De Kruyf Crew! Thank you ladies!

So sleepy…

Then, we are gonna jump over to Rich and Paul’s boat, with Jill Linville’s group. Katie Scott landed a 32 inch keeper! This at the time jumped her into First Place Biggest Fish. She was our 2022 Biggest Fish winner too, nicely done, Katie!

Katie with her bait boy, Paul!

Friday. 2-9

Little bit of a slower day today for catching but a couple ladies managed to get it done! On Ashley VanFossen’s boat with Paul and Willie, Kate Avery landed a wild fish.

Kate’s catch with her bait boy Willie!

Van Fossen’s group!

upriver, We had Natacia French’s group. Mari Sorsabal landed a wild fish with Sam & Colt!

Mari & Colt, happy faces!!

Big Wild fish!

Saturday, 2-10

Kate Bostwick’s group with Rob & Billy at Spring Bar landed one steelhead. Karlee Kerr was the lucky lady with that one!


Jen Holbrook also landed a wild steelhead with Rich and Dylan.

We had one group bring out the lucky charm of dressing  and it almost worked! Kandie and her group made sure to have themselves a good time 😉

Sunday, 2-11!

Only a couple boats out today, everyone wanted to have super bowl parties instead, I guess!

Danielle King’s boat had a triple! Dustie Valentine, Gina Eguisquizza and Meka Mchemry all 3 landed 1 wild steelhead each!

Brian and Andrew’s group had a great day with a couple trash fish but no steelhead.

Monday, 2-12

We had a shakeup with the fishing and leaderboard today!

Sam and James had one of of Sherri Potter’s boats with couple ladies that landed fish. Brenda Elfering had a slipeery wild one. Babette Monroe landed a 34.5″ keeper that boosted her right into that First Place Biggest Fish spot! Nice job!

Babette’s big ‘ol fish!


Over with Rusty and Colt, was the Kyro crew. Kassedy Elsberry reeled in 23″ keeper. Becky Fisher also got herself a 25″ keeper. Annaka Wogan landed 2 steelhead. a 26.5″ keeper and a wild fish. This put her into 2nd Place Most Fish AND 3rd Place Biggest Fish! Kaitlyn Kyro caught….4! 4 steelhead! 3 wild ones and a 24″ keeper. This puts her at 1st Place Most Fish! Nice fishing, ladies!

Kassedu’s catch!

one of Kaitlyns wild ones

Becky’s hatchery

Kaitlyn and Colt a little excited about another wild one!

one of Annaka’s catches!

Kaitlyn’s keeper!

Another wild one and kiss on the cheek!

Kyro Crew!



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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Babette Monroe – 34.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Katie Scott – 32.00″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Annaka Wogan – 26.50″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: TIE~ Megan Christiansen & Becky Fisher – 25.00″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Kaitlyn Kyro ~ 4 Fish – 24 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Annaka Wogan ~ 2 Fish – 26.5 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Gina Gonzales ~ 2 Fish – 22.5 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: TIE : Angie Hemenway & Heather Varriale & Jordan Trevino ~ 2 Fish – 0 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.