We are going to get right to it because kicking off Thursday was pretty dang exciting! There was a good shuffle in our leaderboard and ladies continued to catch fish all weekend and alter the standings as we went! It’s been pretty fun around here, so check it out below.

Thursday 2/15

Today we started out with, Shannon Pruett’s group – Team Resting Fish Faces – with Dylan and Colt. They fish in memory of a lost loved one and father who LOVED to fish, Tony Enrico. So, they caught some trash fish but also Shannon landed herself a 31.5″ keeper, which also landed her in 3rd Place Biggest Fish!. Beautiful day, ladies!

Shannon’s steelhead!

Team Resting Fish Face!

In Memory.

Upriver on Brian and Paul’s boat, we had Kristy Liercke’s team – The Rod Squad.

These girls are currently the top steelhead boat as of now! They landed 12 total steelhead today and this also put a couple of the girls on the leaderboard for a most fish placing. Kristy herself reeled in 3, 2 wild ones and a 23.25″ hatchery keeper, at the time putting her in 3rd place Most Fish at the time. Shirl Batchler reeled in 4 wild steelhead, this puts her at 2nd Place Most Fish. Casey Hamman also landed 2 fish, a wild one and a 23″ keeper. Madison Batchelor landed a nice wild steelhead. TIffany Smith reeled a 24″ keeper to the boat and Lindsey Liercke also had a 24.75″ keeper! Freakin’ fine fishing ladies!

Kristy and Paul with one of her catches.

Madison and her wild steelhead with bait boy Paul!

Brian&Paul with Shirl and one of her wild ones!

Kristy’s keeper!

Tiffany and a steelhead kiss!

Fishing Beauty!

Casey with her keeper!

another wild for Shirl!

Checking out Polly Bemis Ranch!

Happy Kristy!

Fish kiss Casey!

Tiffany’s keeper

Lindsey with her keeper and bait boy, Paul

Brian is happy to be cleaning fish!

Rod Squad with their crew and catches!

Friday 2/16

3 boats out today and all with some steelhead in the boat!

With Rich and Paul we had Connie Giannin’s group catching 5 total for the boat. Donna Dalporto and Connie Reed both landed 2 wild ones. Kathy Hansen landed a wild one and a 24″ keeper. Edie Kastl also got a keeper of 23.5″

Jessica Charlton’s boat had AJ Himes reeling in a 23.25″ keeper and Mazey Camie with a native with Brian and Dylan.

Sam and James’ boat had the Wirth gang. Joey Wirth landed 2 natives. Julie Hungtington caught a 22.5″ keeper and a wild one. Mandy Wirth also caught a 25″ keeper and a wild.

Salmon River views!

Saturday, 2/17

Another fishy day today! Sandy Lowe’s group fished with Rob & Billy landing 3. Carissa Fertsch with a 22.25″ keeper and MaryAlice McCrae also landed a 26″ keeper. Stephanie McDaniel caught a beautiful native.

Gone Fishing!

Lowe Group!

Carissa’s catch!

Great ram picture that Sandy took!

The Lowe gang with their crew, Rob & Billy and Megan & June!

Megan Starr-Gepford’s group went with Brian and Shadyn, bringing 6 steelhead to the boat. Megan herself reeled in a native steelhead. Aislin Ogles and Debbie Banochi also landed natives. Holly Christensen caught a 28.75″ keeper. Heather Gamble also caught a good keeper 29.75″. Janet Starr reeled in a 27.25″ hatchery.

Holly’s catch with Brian!

Debbie’s wild one!

Aislin Ogles with bait boy Shadyn and her wild one.

Heather and her keeper!

Gepford group with their boat crew!

Diane Ford’s group was unfortunately not led by her this year, we sure hope to see you next year, Diane! Andrea Creek took over lead on this group for the trip and she herself landed a wild steelhead. Dakota Creek also reeling in a 24.5″ keeper. Billie Barnes and Heather McCarthy both caught wild ones. Jackie Dean landed 2 keepers, 22.5″ and 23.5″! Good job girls!

Jackie with a keeper

Another keeper for Jackie

Heather with her bait boy James and her wild catch!

Dakota’s catch!

Billie and James with her native!

Judy Bauer’s boat went fishing with Rich and Paul, landed 2 steelhead. Stacey Johns caught her a beautiful native! Jessica Johns also landed a 24″ keeper.


On Rusty & Colt’s boat we had Cami Jeppesen’s crew. Cami herself caught a couple wild steelhead! Amy Sexton and Anne King also reeled in a wild one. Tasha Jones caught 2 wild ones. Deb Henderson landed a 30″ keeper! At the time that had put her in 3rd Place Biggest.

Jeppesen Crew!

Amy with her wild one!

Amy’s little bull trout!

Deb’s beautiful hatchery!

Cami’s huge wild fish!

Sunday, 2/18

On Sam and Jame’s boat, Chloe Morrin reeled in 2 wild fish. Kim Zolman also caught a big wild one!

Kim with her wild steelhead!

Chloe with one of her natives.

#2 for Chloe!

We had Ericka-Soran Leigh’s MILF 2 boat team were fishing with Rob & Billy and Rusty & Colt. Ericka landed 2 natives on her boat. Diane Hine reeled in a $24.5″ keeper. Lea Williams with a native too. And Sarah Rushton also caught herself a keeper!

Diane’s keeper!

Ericka with one of her wild ones!

Team MILF!

Annette Gilmore’s group, Team Reel Knotty Gills got into some steelhead today. Annette herself landed a wild steelhead. Lisa Black landed a wild one and a 29.5″ keeper! Stephanie Stewart landed a big wild one. Stacie Grimmett caught 3, with one native, a 25″ hatchery and a 30.25″ keeper. This slides her into 3rd Place Most Fish and 4th Place Biggest! Nice goin girls!

Stephanie and Shadyn with her wild one!

Annette with her native!

#3 for Stacie!

Lisa with one of her catches!


Team Reel Knotty Gills and their crew!

Monday, 2/19

3 boats out today and all caught steelhead again! Jonna Duvall-Williams team fished with Paul & Andrew and got  2 hatchery fish. Samantha Lopez landed a 27″ keeper and a 28.5″ keeper too! Nice goin!

Fish Kiss!

The group!

Samantha and her catch!

Samantha’s 2 keepers!

Jessi Reinbold’s team went out with Brian and Dylan. Kiley Fournier celebrated her birthday fishing with us and even got her biggest birthday wish. a big wild steelhead catch! Baylee Oliver also caught a 25.5″ keeper. Melissa Gault caught her first steelhead, a nice wild one too!

Kiley with her bait boy and captain and her wild catch! Happy Birthday!!

Fishing girls!

Baylee’s keeper!

Marty Siebertz team, She Lures, returned to us this year after a couple years off and came back with a bang! Happy to have you back ladies. Tammy Schuyler landed a wild steelhead. Stephanie Coffey also landed a native one. Kem Clark Tanner was a complete newbie this year and she caught a 22″ keeper, we hope she is hooked now! 😉

Kem with her bait boy, Willie!

Nice job, Kem!

Stephanie with her wild one!

Team She Lures!


Tuesday, 2/20

Just one boat out today with Rich and bait GIRL Becky. Samantha Stults landed a 24.25″ keeper. Misti Eubanks also reeled in a 27.25″ keeper. Debbie Banning also got a 23.25″ hatchery! Tamara McKie 2 wild fish.

Misti’s keeper!

Tamara with one of her wild ones!


Rich’s mom Carolyn was aboard the boat but not fishing part of the tournament but caught a nice keeper!

Just fishin!

Samantha’s keeper!

Debbie’s hatchery!


Well that’s it for now, stay tuned! Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and good river conditions! 😀


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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Babette Monroe – 34.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Katie Scott – 32.00″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Shannon Pruett – 31.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Stacie Grimmett – 30.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Kaitlyn Kyro ~ 4 Fish – 24 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Shirl Batchelor ~ 4 Fish – 0 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Stacie Grimmett ~ 3 fish – 55.25 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Kristy Liercke ~ 2 Fish – 23.25 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.