The weather can’t really decide what it wants to do around here so we think that is affecting the fishing a little. But, we are still getting some steelhead in the boat, as well as a lot of golden steelheads, haha!

Friday, Feb 29th!

Three boats went out today. We had Katie Miller’s crew with Rusty & Paul landing one wild steelhead, Latisha Smith was the lucky one on that boat! Crysta McMaster’s girls went fishing with Rob & Billy, and Crysta’s mom, Candace Bunnell landed a wild one.

Kelli Puga’s team went with Brian and Dylan bringing 2 steelhead to the boat. Shasta Wood landed a wild one and Aana Vannoy reeled in a 29.5″ keeper!

Aana’s catch!

Some trash fish catches!

Shasta’s wild one!

not a steelhead 🙁

Puga group! Thank you ladies!

Friday, Mar 1st

Four boats went out today with a few of them catching steelhead, and a few caught a buzz 😉

Jennifer Ingraham’s group went fishing with Paul & Willie. Mary Farbo landed a wild steelhead with them. Pat Spaulding’s team fished with Rich & Dylan. Sara Hart landed a 24.5″ keeper on that boat.

Rhonda Kingrey’s, Tackle Box Beavers, landed 3 steelhead! Ginger Weaver with a 23.5″ keeper and Melanie Alexander with a 26.5″ keeper as well. Kim Ferguson landed a wild one!


Kim’s big wild fish with bait boy appreciation kiss on the cheek!

Ginger’s keeper!

Melanie and her keeper!

Give it a kiss, says Glen!

Saturday, Mar 6th!

We were rocking on today! Quite literally. If you have ever shuttled in our White van that we lovingly call Ol’ Whitey, it is pretty smashed up from a rockslide right here north of town. Becky was driving it with just her in it and she was very luckily ok, just shook up of course! A few pictures below.

Also, on the river road in the afternoon there was a huge rockslide, that blocked the road partially and took some of it out too. There were some very large rocks and some went into the river creating a new little riffle in the river. We had a couple boats of girls that were on the river near there when it happened that heard and saw it. Again, luckily everyone was ok! Our guys had to move some of the rocks to get thru and the road crew got it cleared up and the road fixed the next day.

River Road rocks!

Back to the fishing…Diane Barclay’s team, the Happy Hookers fished with Paul and Willie. Jenn Mosing caught a 24″ keeper.

Amber Jone’s group fished with Rusty and Colt with Amber landing a native. Cori Moore and Rachelle Cannon also caught a native fish each!

Kathreen Steiner’s group fished with Sam and James. Rachelle Hamill and Shannel Yocum both reeled in wild ones.

Rochelle’s wild one

Shannel with her trash fish!

Shannel’s big wild one!


Birgit Luebeck’s group, Team For Reels, fished with Brian and Shadyn. Erin Walker landed a 27.5″ keeper on that boat. They also caught a bunch of other non-steelhead species!

Team For Reells!

Erin’s steelhead!

Birgit with her catch!

Maria with some trash fish!


Sunday, Mar 3rd

Pretty slow on the river today. But a couple girls managed to get some steelhead. On Kerri Pattee-Krosch’s boat, her daughter Riley caught a wild one with Rob & Billy.

Mary Lierman’s team, Weekend Hookers, had Ami Ostrow landing one native.

Ami’s wild one!

Thank you ladies!


Terri Shurte’s crew, Team Steelhead Siren’s,had a fun day with Brian & Shadyn. Shiela Kohr landed one wild steelhead and they caught a few other trash fish as well!

Shiela’s wild one!

Golden steelhead!

Jamie’s bull trout catch

Steelhead Sirens!

Baitboy Selfie!

Thanks ladies!

Monday, March 4th

Today picked up a bit! Tara Lehman about Cheree Bartram’s boat landed a wild steelhead with Brian and Dylan. Camri Hughe’s team brough 3 steelhead to the boat. Emily Seitz landed a wild one. Erica Steven’s caught a wild and a 29″ keeper!

Tuesday, March 5th

Dina Reed with Karen Owen’s crew caught a native steelhead fishing with Brian and Dylan!


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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Babette Monroe – 34.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Katie Scott – 32.00″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Shannon Pruett – 31.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Stacie Grimmett – 30.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Shelby Lukehart ~ 4 Fish – 48 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Kaitlyn Kyro ~ 4 Fish – 24 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Shirl Batchelor ~ 4 Fish – 0 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Stacie Grimmett ~ 3 fish – 55.25 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.