Out of the numerous outdoor activities that a person can choose to do, boating is a relatively safe choice. However, it doesn’t take long for a fun day to turn into a bad accident because of some wrong decisions. When you’re out on the water, anything can happen, and it’s crucial to be readily prepared beforehand. Even if you’re out on a boat tour with a professional guide, safety comes first and foremost. Read on for the top jet boat safety tips to follow on a boat tour.

Check the Weather and Prepare Accordingly

A day out of the water enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding you sounds wonderful—unless bad weather hits. Before you head out on a boat tour, check the weather for the day. Wear layers if it’s cooler. Even if it’s summertime and it seems like a nice sunny day, things can change quickly as well. Remember that out on the water, the temperature tends to drop quickly.

Bring a jacket and a change of spare clothes just in case, as well as sunscreen or a hat to protect yourself from the sun. A tour company will cancel the tour if the weather is truly hazardous, but you’re the one who has to protect yourself from the natural elements.

Have a Life Jacket Handy

Yeah, yeah, yeah. While life jackets aren’t exactly fashionable, they’re extremely sensible. Having a personal flotation device handy is one of the top jet boat safety tips to follow on a boat tour. Don’t think you don’t need one, no matter how great of a swimmer you are. By law, children age 12 and under are required to wear Coast Guard-approved life jackets. No matter your age, a boat tour company should have PFDs on board for use, as well as a safety ring buoy in case anyone falls overboard.

Always Use Common Sense

Boat adventure companies should brief their tour guest before stepping foot on the boat to tell them where they are going, how long they will be gone, and what to expect while on the trip. Pay close attention to these details, alongside with what to wear and what to bring. Take note of the safety procedures and the locations of safety equipment on the craft before the tour starts. Use common sense during the entirety of the boat ride.

If you’re planning on taking a guided boat trip, fishing boat and jet boat safety come first as well. At River Adventures, our Idaho sturgeon fishing guides provide expertise and professionalism to help the trip run smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced guides will take you along the scenic Snake River in Hells Canyon on US Coast Guard-approved jet boats. Contact us for more information on all that our boat trips and guided tours offer today!