Freshwater fish are not renowned celebrities of the animal kingdom. Nonetheless, these incredible creatures are deeply awe-inspiring marvels to behold. The saltwater sea creatures of the planet often steal the spotlight, but freshwater fish have stardom tenacity for survival and charisma.

Have we reeled in your intrigue? Let’s take a closer look at a few essential facts to know about freshwater fish. Whether you love angler fish, or the unusual freshwater African Butterflyfish, or are a mere phenomenon seeker, you’ll be glad to know the facets of information for trivia someday.

No Two Freshwater Biomes Are Alike

One of the essential facts to know about freshwater fish is that their existence is critical for maintaining the health of specific freshwater ecosystems. A freshwater biome is basically any body of water consisting of freshwater waterways. These biomes cover less than a quarter of the planet. A conventional biome contains at least one waterway and a variety of living organisms and creatures. Some freshwater biomes contain animals besides fish, such as hippos, crocs, frogs, and turtles.

The multitude of fish species within a biome varies—there are over 10,000 diverse species worldwide. Within America, under 1,000 species are known to exist in lakes and rivers nationwide. No two biomes are exactly alike. Some prized locations are well known for their game and population sizes.

Species Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Out of all the fish species in the wide world, around half of them live and swim around in freshwater—the rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands making up less than 4 percent of the Earth’s water supply. There are more species of fish than the number of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals combined. Even favorite freshwater species in America—such as largemouth bass, walleye, salmon, trout, and northern pike—vary in size, color, and shape. You’ll never know what you might one day reel in.

The Oldest Delicacy on Earth: Freshwater Origins

Sturgeon is the oldest fish species around and was considered the nation’s dinosaur beasts that once overtook America’s rivers—until a craving for caviar appeared, that is. Caviar? What does that have to do with freshwater fish? Well, caviar comes from the roe—aka fish eggs—of female sturgeon. If the luxury of caviar isn’t your thing, fishing for sturgeon should be, as reeling in these huge, prized creatures when they return to the rivers provides a thrilling experience.

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