Dedicated enthusiasts can enjoy a unique winter fishing experience in Hells Canyon on the Snake River. However, this type of outdoor adventure also demands extra attention to safety, especially when you plan to include children. Our experienced fishing guides gladly include children on our trips, but as the caregiver, you should also know the following safety advice for winter fishing with kids.

Educating Children on River-Specific Dangers

During winter, particularly in the western United States, rivers can present unique dangers, such as swift currents, slippery banks, or unexpected depth changes. Before embarking on your fishing trip, educate your children about these hazards and how to recognize them. While an expert will take charge of the jet boat, they often disembark during the trip, leaving you to fish at your leisure. As such, it’s important that you teach your children the necessary information to keep them safe.

Teach them the importance of not venturing too close to the water’s edge, always wearing a life jacket, and staying with the group. You can create a positive and secure learning environment for young anglers by enforcing these safety measures.

Choosing the Right Gear

Proper gear is crucial for winter fishing with children. This includes warm clothing, waterproof gear, and child-friendly fishing equipment. We provide rods, tackle, and bait on our fishing trips, but your child may feel more comfortable with their own equipment.

When selecting clothing for a river trip, synthetic and natural materials are both ideal, especially for layering. Start with synthetic moisture-wicking base layers, then add natural insulation layers like fleece or down. Finish with synthetic waterproof outer layers to shield against wind and rain. Don’t forget to include warm socks, boots, gloves, and hats. Having the right gear not only ensures children’s comfort but also helps them stay focused and enjoy their fishing experience.

Preparing for Weather Conditions

While the right gear can help protect you and your child, winter weather can be highly unpredictable, especially around rivers. Make a habit of checking weather forecasts before heading out, and always prepare for sudden changes in the forecast. Teach your children how to respond in case of a storm or severe cold. Emphasize the importance of recognizing their limits and knowing when to call it a day in the interest of safety. Our fishing trips last eight hours, so make sure your child can endure river conditions for that length of time.

Potential Winter Catches

Winter fishing in the western US rivers can provide many exciting catches. The Snake River is no exception, offering great options such as trout, steelhead, and salmon. Teach your children about different fish species, their habitats, and the techniques needed to catch them. Our experts will help make sure no one goes home empty-handed, but this is still a great hands-on learning experience for your children.

Following this safety advice for winter fishing with kids will ensure a fun, educational, and safe experience for everyone. River Adventure’s Hells Canyon fishing trips are a great opportunity to practice this safety advice and fish in a group. We will make sure you and your children have a great time fishing on the river.